Sunday, September 2, 2007

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CategorizationIn CommonTom SwiftiesTwo of a KindWhat's the Fewest?Back to top Lateral ThinkingBottleneckCan You Explain?Coast to CoastCrossing the RiverDigging DirtGetting YoungerHomeName the DogNew ShoesOne for EachOutsmarting the DonkeyThe Last ThreeRegular or Diet?Rising TideTime to TellBack to top LogicAthletes in PlaceBeach BallCard IdentificationCat and MiceCatching the BusColorsColorful CrimeDogs on TrialFast FoodFind the BoneLine UpListen to the BandMystery BoxNovel in a HaystackPizza PartyShall We Dance?Small, Medium, or LargeTake Me Out to the BallgameThree Little LettersThree Little PigsTrue ColorsWashing the Washingtons' SocksWhat a Genius! Or What? A Genius?Who Lives Where?Who Rocked the Boat?Who Took Which?Who's Who?Whose Footprints?You've Got Character!Zoo FavoritesBack to top Number and Math Play -->A Pocket Full of CoinsAverage SpeedBags and BeadsBalancing ActBalancing Act IIBatting PracticeThe Bottom LineBuilding BlocksCaffeineCats & DogsClockworkClowning AroundCoffee BreakCondimentsDoggiesFabulous FivesFat-FreeFill in the BlanksFill in the Missing SquareFive 8's = One 9Found and LostFour DigitsFrom Words to FiguresGuess Which is GreaterHow Many Coins?How Many Days?How Many Marbles?How Many StudentsHow Old?Hungry HamstersInsects and SpidersLoose ChangeMagic SquareMinus TwoMissing NumberOdd One OutOddballsPainting by the NumbersPenny CandyPenniesPiano LessonsPick a PairProfit or Loss?Puzzle about PuzzlesRain, Rain, Every DayRight in the MiddleRoman ValuesSale!Six DaughtersSpiders and InsectsStack 'Em UpSuper SevensThe Largest RomanThe WallTeaming UpTime DifferenceTime PuzzleTime to Paint the FloorTime Will TellTug of WarTwo Legs, Four LegsUphill, DownhillWalking the DogsWhat Time Is It?What's the Fewest?What's So Special?What's Your Sign?Wheel of FortuneWhen, Oh, When?Where's the Fruit JuiceWhich WagesWrap It Up?Back to top
ReasoningCatchy CodeDoggiesDog ShowEscape HatchFamily TiesFlat TireGetting AcrossHow Many Were Going to Saint Ives?Moving DayMystery TwinsNot Enough TimePuzzling RelationsRelabelingRipping PagesRound vs. SquareSisters & BrothersThe Barbershop PuzzleThe Value of MonthsThere’s Something Fishy Going OnToast for ThreeTrue or False?What's Next?What's the Matter?Where in the World?Which Way?Back to top Spatial AwarenessA Penny ApieceCups UpExactly TwoPennies on a GridTwo MovesThree MovesBack to top Word and Letter PlayA?A Different AlphabetA Skinny RiddleA to ZAll in the FamilyAlphabet ChallengeAnagram RhymeAnimal CodeAnimals in HidingAnimals Small and GreatBetwixt and BetweenBirthdayBoys and GirlsCat's MeowClassic AnagramsColorful CompoundsCompound InterestCount the WaysCracking the CodeDouble CodeDouble TroubleFamily AffairFamous WordsA Food RiddleForward & BackwardGone FishingHink PinkI Am . . . . . .Just in TimeLetter ChangesLetter PerfectLike It or NotLikes and DislikesLooking at Letters in a New WayLost in the TranslationMissing LettersMistakes?Names in the FamilyNext Letter, PleaseNose to ChinNot Too EasyOne MoreOne More LetterOn the RoadPalindromesPart of the WholePresidential AnagramProperty Game, TheProverb SquareQuick ChangeRearrangementSo Much In CommonSpaced Out LettersStartling!State by StateThe Value of MonthsThink PatternsTricky ChoicesTwo for OneTwo of a KindTwosomesUnscrambleVCRs EverywhereWalking DictionaryWhat a CharacterWhat's the Word?Word FamilyWord LadderX and YYes or No?Back to top

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